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Topic: Our Main Focus: Water, Sanitation & Hygiene


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Water is the most important food – yet millions of people all over the world still lack sufficient access to it. Many depend on contaminated water that spreads diseases. Hence, appropriate sanitary facilities and water treatment plants are essential to keep the drinking water safe. Furthermore, hygiene is of high importance because efficient health care is not possible without the proper management of drinking water and wastewater. All three components make WASH a comprehensive aid package – and our core competence.

Whether at schools, after natural disasters or in areas of conflict: arche noVa has already provided 1.3 million people from all over the world with clean drinking water. Our work continues to improve access to drinking water and sanitary facilities as well as enhancing the hygienic handling of it.

We cooperate closely with local actors in our project areas and use sustainable solutions. We only use high-tech and expensive equipment when absolutely necessary, e.g. when we provide rapid disaster relief. In our long-term projects, we are helping people to help themselves and look for solutions as simple as possible but still effective and sustainable.