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Myanmar (Burma): Community resilience building in WASH and DRR in Central Rakhine

Against the background of numerous crises and challenges faced by the people in Central Rakhine, arche noVa strengthens the resilience of rural communities in the field of WASH (water and sanitation, hygiene) and disaster preparedness.
Myanmar (Burma)
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Myanmar is still suffering from political turmoil accompanied by civil unrest and wide spread armed resistance. Also in Rakhine State tensions are building again and conflict has re-erupted after a spell of relative tranquility. Additionally, extreme weather perils like strong seasonal rainfalls, landslides, floods and/or periods of seasonal droughts maintain to threaten the communities in the area. 

arche noVa and partners aim to structurally improve living conditions for the inhabitants of 25 local villages in Ann Township. Our interventions include civil society strengthening, Community WASH and WASH in Schools, Disaster Risk Reduction and Emergency Response.