"We can do water. Flowing" - 30 years of arche noVa

09.03.2022 - 16:15 - Welt
arche noVa is 30 years old this year. For three decades, we have been supporting people in crisis areas worldwide and have been able to achieve a lot during this time. With the poster campaign "We can do water. Flowing", arche noVa will draw attention to its worldwide work in the field of WASH and education in Dresden during the next two weeks. Especially the humanitarian catastrophe as a result of the war of aggression in Ukraine shows how important our work is.

Yesterday, arche noVa started its 30th anniversary year with a press event at Prager Straße in Dresden. Together, our managing director Mathias Anderson and mayor Dirk Hilbert unveiled the poster campaign "We can do water. Flowing", which draws attention to arche noVa's commitment for a better access to water, sanitation and hygiene education, in short WASH, as well as our educational work at home and abroad for fourteen days in the entire city area.

Much achieved - and still much more to do

On the occasion of the anniversary, Mathias Anderson pointed out the successful work of arche noVa - and the roots of the organization in Saxony: "We are proud that we, as part of the Saxon civil society, have been able to provide more dignity and self-determination to countless people worldwide for 30 years," said Mathias Anderson. In the same breath, however, he reiterated the urgency of continuing to engage in humanitarian work: "We are seeing humanitarian crises increase worldwide and last longer and longer."

"Dresden Hilft": Cooperation with the state capital.

On the occasion of the press event, the mayor of the state capital Dresden, Dirk Hilbert, also drew attention to the importance of the humanitarian work of arche noVa: "Unfortunately, the anniversary is not an occasion to rest on our laurels. The number of crisis areas, conflicts and natural disasters worldwide does not allow pausing", Hilbert said. In view of the global challenges, he thanked arche noVa for its commitment as well as for the solidarity of the donors, which makes our work possible.

Further events in the anniversary year being planned

For arche noVa, the anniversary year has just begun with the press event and the poster campaign. We are already in the preparation of further events and actions. With a focus on the fall, we will organize special events for donors or a professional event in Berlin. As one of the highlights, the Bundesärztephilharmonie will perform at a benefit concert in the Kulturpalast on September 25, the proceeds of which will go to arche noVa.

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