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Water for a normal school day

14. September 2018 - Ukraine
Fighting is still going on in eastern Ukraine and more than 3.4 million people depend on help. arche noVa helped a school to rebuild the destroyed water supply.

In Triokiszbenka, a small village not far from the line of conflict, where armed forces face each other, a projectile hit the water tower of the village's school. For months there was no water for students and teachers, not to drink, not to wash their hands and not to use the toilets.

It is important for the children to go to school so that everyday life can continue for the people in the conflict that has been going on for five years. Because regular education provides children in crisis areas with support and prospects. The availability of clean water and toilets is a basic requirement.

Repairing the water tower at lofty heights is too dangerous, decided the arche noVa team on site. Public buildings are always in the crosshairs of the parties to the conflict. But our engineer found a solution, the team built a water tank in the basement of the school. The new water reservoir also allows the school staff to cook lunch for the children every day again. In this way, the pupils can learn better and survive everyday life.

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4 children have permanent access to a repaired school toilet.
160 people are supplied with drinking water from a renovated well.
A water tank can be installed and connected to a school.