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Ukraine: Repairing damage and opening up future prospects in the forgotten conflict area


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Since the outbreak of the crisis, more than 1.6 million people fled from the embattled areas in the East of the country. More than 40.000 IDPs are seeking refuge In the cities Toretsk and Volnovakha. Experts are concerned that the number will increase during the next months. Due to a lack of state subsidy and the progressively destroyed infrastructure, the situation of the refugees and the local residents is becoming worse.
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The ongoing war has destroyed much of the infrastructure. Schools and hospitals have been targets of attacks or cannot be maintained due to the dangerous security situation. The water and sanitation systems are no longer reliable, and in some places no water comes out of the pipes. arche noVa has been in operation in eastern Ukraine since 2016 and is helping people to rebuild.

arche noVa renovates water pipes and school toilets

We are creating the conditions for a reasonably normal life, for children to be able to go to school and for basic health care to be guaranteed. For example for regular school lessons: arche noVa renovates school toilets, repairs water pipes and drinking water treatment plants, also in kindergartens, hospitals and rural health stations.

For example in the village of Triokiszbenka. Shells had hit the school's water tower. Nothing worked anymore. But a repair at high altitude would have been too dangerous. Public buildings are always in the crosshairs of the parties to the conflict. Our local team looked for an alternative and finally built a water tank and pipe system in the basement. In addition, arche noVa conducts hygiene training courses so that the population can adapt to the special water and sanitation situation in the conflict area.

Warmth for the winter

Winters in eastern Ukraine are long and cold. Part of our programme is therefore also winter aid. We support the people in the war zone with the repair and installation of radiators and boilers, mainly in schools and hospitals, so that the operation can continue. If necessary, we also distribute heating oil and coal.

Free coaching for a career start

Our "Life Skill Programme" was developed to offer young people in the region affected by the conflict a perspective. Because their future is often uncertain. It is aimed at pupils between the ages of 15 and 19 and is held at 16 vocational schools in the Donetzk region. After regular lessons, the young people regularly sit together to learn everything they need to succeed in their careers in addition to their actual vocational training. How do I write an application? What is teamwork? How do I make my position clear?  The teachers are trained by arche noVa. They receive a fee for the lessons.

Supporting local civil society

Aid for internally displaced people and the population left behind in the conflict area is often provided by small local civil society initiatives. To support, professionalise and reinforce their commitment, arche noVa conducts workshops on project management, monitoring and evaluation for this target group.

Project Overview


Improvement of health care and educational infrastructure in Eastern Ukraine

Target Group
13.500 IDPs and local residents
  • Rehabilitation of a hospital
  • Rehabilitation of 15 schools
  • Foundation of 4 new kindergartens
  • Establishment of six centers for practical skills
  • Implementation of English and computer courses and project management trainings
December 2016 – December 2019
Co-operation partners
  • Polish Humanitarian Action
  • German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development
  • Aktion Deutschland Hilft - Germany's Relief Coalition
  • Mann+Hummel GmbH

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Help for people affected by war in the Eastern Ukraine
160 people are supplied with drinking water from a renovated well
A water tank can be installed and connected in a school
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