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Water connection for 1500 locals and refugees completed

3. January 2017 -
During the past weeks the arche noVa staff in Lebanon connected two villages in the north of the country to a near water source. Thereby 1500 inhabitants are adequately supplied for the first time. Prior to this the people had to receive their water by expensive water trucking, which led to conflicts.

On average the families in Tallet Al Chat Ha and Oyoun received 1000 liters of water three times a week to satisfy their needs. For this they had to pay 27 US-Dollars per week, which sums up to 1404 US-Dollars per year. Raising the money was hard for many families and it lacked e.g. in the fields of education and energy.

The intricate water supply was highly unsatisfactory, the more so as a water source which provides enough water for everybody exists not far from the villages and has already been used for a long time. Tallet Al Chat Ha and Oyoun just had never been connected to the local water system. This led to strong protests by the inhabitants which culminated in the threat of destroying the whole water system fed by the source.

Together with our local partner organization Tankamel Sawa arche noVa solved the supply problem. A network of water pipelines was built which connected the two villages to the water system. Now the families only have to pay 150 US-Dollars per year for water and the conflict could be solved.

The measure was part of our project which improves the access to water in several villages in the north of Lebanon. Though most of those communities already only had a moderate infrastructure before the crisis in the neighboring country of Syria they accommodate innumerable refugees. This aggravates everybody’s living conditions even more, most people have to limit themselves to the most essential necessities to survive.

arche noVa rehabilitates eleven local water supply systems in the project area and works on improving the water supply of schools. You can find more information about it on our project site.