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Our humanitarian aid for refugees from Mosul started

27. October 2016 -
Within the last days 2000 sets, each containing a 10 liter and a 20 liter canister for the transport and storage of drinking water, have been given out by our local team to the inhabitants of the new refugee camp Daquq. 2000 hygiene kits will follow soon. The distributions are part of our initiated humanitarian aid for those, who are fleeing from the military offensive in Mosul.

Since last week Daquq provides shelter for more than 900 families. Friedrich Machein, our Head of Mission Iraq, reports on busy days during the construction phase. Within an extremely short period of time the tents were abundant with people, although Daquq is located in the South of Kirkuk in a desert-like area and is about 80 kilometers away from Mosul.

The extension of the camp has already began. It will accommodate 9,600 people. The inhabitants are in urgend need of help. Our local team takes care of the water supply. Currently arche noVa ensures the supply by water trucking. In the future the water will come from a specially designed well. The water has to be filtered, as it is very salty. Our team is responsible for maintenance and operation of the facilities, the review of the water quality and the extension of the distribution systems. Furthermore we dispose the waste, maintain the sanitary facilities and train the inhabitants in terms of hygiene practice. This is particularly important, because most of them originate from rural areas and are not used to live together in a very confined space, like in the refugee shelter.

The relief goods distributed by arche noVa help the people to establish good hygiene conditions for themselves and their surroundings. We distribute household equipment, like buckets, brooms and disinfectants and cleaning ranges as well as products for personal hygiene, like soap, toothpaste or sanitary towels.

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