Donations are the most important source we finance our work from. Every single donation is welcome, because it makes our effective and sustainable help possible. Please continue to enable our help.

Types of donations

Ways to donate

Types of donations

Uncommited donations

Uncommited donations, without binding purpose, help us to be a strong and independet humanitarian aid organisation. It helps us to take targeted and sustainable action, where acute emergency prevails - regardless of whether a catastrophe or region attracts the media or not.

Donations to the emergency fund

Earthquakes, droughts and floods are worldwide on the rise. To help unbureaucratic and without delay arche noVa established an emergency fund. Here your donation will help to support people in Africa, Asia or Latin America who lost their existence through to catastrophes.

Project related donations

We use your donation efficient, transparent and appropriated in our projects all over the world.

Ways to donate

Donation by debit

The easiest way to donate is by debit. Donate easy and safe online by debit to our account at the Bank für Sozialwirtschaft (bank for social economy). Your data will be sent encrypted through a certified security server and are safe from misusage by any third party.

Donation by transfer

You can also donate directly to arche noVa by remitting to the following international account:

      arche noVa e.V.

      IBAN: DE78850205000003573500

Donation by PayPal

Just press the donate button and contribute directly from your PayPal account to arche noVa.

If you wish to donate permanent

If you want to support arche noVa permanent and sustainable you can give us a direct debit authority. Download the blank here (pdf). Print it and send it by mail or fax to:

By mail:       arche noVa e.V.
                   Weißeritzstraße 3
                   01067 Dresden

By fax:      + 49 351 / 481 984 70

Your data will be treated as confidential and will not be shared. Direct debit authorities can be rescinded at your bank within 6 weeks.