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A new rainwater collection tank for the Kyeswa family

9. November 2018 - Uganda
A new rainwater collection tank has recently been installed in Buwaali. It is one of 25 which are being built at the household level as part of our anniversary project in Uganda. The Kyeswa family is thrilled.

Joyce Kyeswa (55) lives with her husband (70) and her five grandchildren in the village of Buwaali. They are one of the lucky families to receive a newly built water tank.

In the past, the family had to fetch 200 to 300 litres of water a day for the harvest, the animals and the household from the Nalongo watering hole 2.5 kilometres away, which was very time-consuming and cost the family money because of the fees.  The water from the open water point is not suitable for drinking without boiling.

From now on the family can use their own water. The 10,000 litre rainwater collection tank is large enough to cover the entire demand. Joyce Kyeswa already has plans for her cattle breeding and small farming. She hopes for more income and thus a more stable income situation for her family.

Anniversary project with women's self-help groups

The construction of the storage tank is one of many other activities as part of our anniversary project, which is currently being implemented step by step. In 2017, we called for donations to defuse the local water crisis in rural communities in Mukono District in Uganda, together with the Katosi Women Development Trust, a network of women's self-help groups.

Thanks to the generous donations of our supporters, Joyce Kyeswa was able to apply to KWDT as a member of the Twekembe Namaliga Women's Group. The organisation then checked the family's water needs and the distance from their household to the nearest water point. All criteria were fulfilled, and so the construction measures began, which, following the principle of self-help groups, were again largely taken over by members of the KWDT.These women have special technical training to set up the ferro-cement structures, lay the pipes to the roof and install sand filters.

In addition to the construction of rainwater collection tanks, the anniversary project also includes training activities. You can read why women become hand pump experts on our project page.