Education a ray of hope after 10 years of war

22.03.2021 - 11:56 - Syrien
These days mark the tenth anniversary of the beginning of the armed conflict in Syria. An end to the man-made catastrophe is not in sight and the humanitarian need is greater than ever. Besides the continuing violence, the supply possibilities are worse than ever, in addition to Corona. arche noVa is therefore continuing its aid and has just started a new education project.

A few days ago, arche noVa started a new project in Northern Syria, which is especially aimed at children who have not had any lessons for a long time or have never been able to go to school. In communities far away from the bigger cities, the children learn all the important basics in arithmetic and writing, in Arabic and English, in specially set up learning centres. They also receive learning materials and psychosocial support. Over the next two years, around 10,000 children will be prepared for the transition to regular schools.

Educational opportunities for traumatised children

In addition to lessons in courses, leisure and play activities are organised. With the overall programme, our team on site has the special needs of the often traumatised children who have grown up under difficult social circumstances in mind. All those involved in the project receive further training in this area.
More learning centres for school children are to be opened soon.

Ammar Kochak - an encouraging example

Ammar Kochak was a student at the first afternoon school for Syrian refugee children opened by our partner organisation in Lebanon. In 2011, he had fled Syria with his family. He could not go to school for a whole year. Then, as part of the aid project, he started classes again and was able to transfer to a secondary, public school in Lebanon two years later after completing 6. grade.

Ammar recently contacted our partner organisation, the Society for Social Support & Education (SSSE), with a big thank you and reported that he had been accepted at the American University of Beirut on a 3-year full scholarship in biology. He had previously completed the Lebanese Baccalaureate with a grade of 18.93/20, ranking 5th in Lebanon.

"Ammar's story from a refugee child to a brilliant student at a top university in the Middle East is a great motivation for us to continue providing quality education to this generation," emphasises Nimat Bizri from SSSE.

Currently, 890 Syrian pupils attend regular school up to grade 6 as part of our community project in Lebanon. Read more about it here.

Humanitarian aid in Syria continues

arche noVa has been working in northern Syria since 2012. In view of the enormous need, our programme will be continued.
Our humanitarian aid for 150,000 people:

  • Drinking water supply by tanker truck in informal camps and host communities
  • Distribution of food parcels and health care hygiene kits
  • Distribution of warm clothing, blankets and other non-food items

Our commitment to sustainably improve the living conditions of 150,000 people:

  • Informal education project for 10,000 children to prepare them for regular school attendance
  • Rehabilitation and extension of water infrastructure and sewerage networks
  • Waste management

10 years of war and no end in sight

After ten years of war, Syria is marked by destruction, violence, displacement and economic decline. Large parts of the population are dependent on emergency aid. Over 12.4 million people suffer from food insecurity. Around 2.4 million children are currently not attending school. The infrastructure is damaged or dilapidated. The country is experiencing the worst displacement since the end of World War II. Around 6.7 million Syrians are refugees in their own country. Of the 5.6 million people who have fled Syria, the majority are seeking protection in neighbouring countries.

Serious political efforts for political solutions to the crisis are currently not discernible. The deployment of humanitarian aid organisations will be the most important support for the population for the foreseeable future.

Donate for this project

School bag, pens and notebooks for a Syrian schoolchild
Delivery of 40,000 litres of water as emergency aid in Syria
Complete school course over three months for one child