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Six new schools ready at the beginning of the school year

12. September 2018 - Myanmar
School started again in Saxony and other federal states. Elsewhere on the world, the children do not have such good learning conditions. Such as in Shan State, Myanmar. By the construction of six new schools arche noVa ensured an improvement in our project area, of which 490 children are profiting, timely at the beginning of the school year.

Celebrating the school inauguration

In Lashio in northern Shan State a few weeks ago, an opening ceremony representative for four more schools took place. Parliamentarians of both the state and community administration attended the event. Their presence emphasised the importance of education for every participant.

arche noVa constructed a complete package at six locations. It consists, next to the actual school building, of sanitary facilities, drinking water filtration systems, playgrounds, school fences, accommodation for the teaching staff and waste disposal sites. Additionally furniture and writing material were distributed to the school communities. Thanks to the efforts of the team, the external engineering consultant and the three commissioned construction companies the building phase went smoothly and led to “very satisfying results”, as our local team phrased it.

The six accrued schools in Shan State are so-called Basic Education Primary Schools. They consist of preschool and the first five grades. From now on 490 students will be taught here. They also received hygiene trainings during the project.      


Great need for rehabilitation in the region

The schools‘ construction is an important step towards the rehabilitation of infrastructure in our project area. In many places there is an enormous need for reconstruction. But the money needed for investments is missing. Also the region is still suffering from the military conflicts on-site. The huge renovation jam also affects the schools. In some communities the children are only taught in makeshift buildings. The same thing applies to the six school locations which arche noVa has built new.

Schools are an important component in our project in Shan State. Which further investments into the infrastructure are promoted by arche noVa in the crisis-ridden region, you can read about in our project description.