Six months of war in Ukraine - Humanitarian needs increase

19.08.2022 - 13:12 - Ukraine
War has been raging in large parts of Ukraine for half a year now. The ongoing fighting in the east and south of the country, but also the great destruction in the formerly occupied areas in the north, continue to create a difficult humanitarian situation. Especially the approaching winter is now a cause for concern.

Many houses, schools and hospitals have been destroyed and thus many people are hardly protected against the threatening cold. In order to meet this challenge and to strengthen the resilience of the local population, arche noVa has started a new project in the north of Ukraine. Together with the local partner organisations New Way and Civil Ray of Future, we will be involved in reconstruction in the Kyiv, Chernihiv and Sumska oblasts for the next three years. As part of the project, we are rehabilitating houses and destroyed infrastructure and improving access to basic services for the affected population. We pay special attention to the needs of elderly people, children and people with disabilities. The project also aims to rehabilitate destroyed water, sanitation and hygiene infrastructure and social facilities such as schools, kindergartens, old people's homes and health facilities.

"A particular focus of our assistance is on vulnerable groups such as the elderly, children and people with disabilities"

Sarah Kendziorra - Country Officer for Ukraine at arche noVa

Humanitarian aid continues in the east and south

arche noVa continues to provide humanitarian aid in the embattled areas in the east and south of the country. Through our local partner organisations New Way and Strong Communities, we are organising the distribution of essential relief items such as mattresses, beds, blankets or towels as well as food, hygiene items and drinking water for the local population and Internally displaced persons in Donetsk oblast and the major city of Dnipro. With winter approaching, the focus in all regions is also increasingly on the distribution of solid fuels and the distribution and repair of heating systems for private households.

Much has already been achieved with emergency aid

Since February 2022, arche noVa's emergency aid has already reached more than 36,000 people. Besides the measures in the East and South, we have also supported people in Kyiv through our partner organisation Unit. The focus of these measures was on supporting people with disabilities and their families, so that they are able to continue buying food and accessing services such as physiotherapy or care even without a current income. Furthermore, arche noVa together with other partners delivered hygiene kits to Western Ukraine and supported the care of refugees at the Polish border. Last but not least, the arche noVa project "One World=Your World" also has an impact in Saxony with school project days on the topic of humanitarian aid with a focus on Ukraine. Through the project „Six Days for Future“, Ukrainian young people in Saxony are able to attend holiday camps on the topic of sustainable professions thanks to language mediation.

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