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Rapid emergency aid provides drinking water by tanker truck

16. May 2019 - Somalia
Since the beginning of this year, temperatures in southern Somalia have been well above the average of the usual dry seasons. Two thirds of the rural communities in our project area complain of acute water shortages. That is why arche noVa has organised quick help. Tank trucks supply 1,790 households with water.

The current drying time is particularly hot

In the municipalities of Belet Xaawa and South Bardeere, where arche noVa has been active since 2015, rivers and water points have dried up in the current dry period. Plants and animals suffer from acute water shortages. It is estimated that a quarter of herds have already fallen victim to the drought. In a region that is already characterised by great instability and strong flight movements, the acute drought is a humanitarian crisis. Farmers' incomes are falling and harvests are shrinking, while water prices are skyrocketing.

Fugitive families need water

But it's not just the drought that is causing problems for the people of Belet Xaawa and South Bardeere, many newcomers have been added to their communities in recent weeks. They have fled to our project area from conflicts around the town of Fafhadun. The authorities estimate that there are about 500 families. They are particularly vulnerable and have only minimal income, if any. The 80 percent increase in water prices is a catastrophe for them. Our local partner organisation ASEP speaks of a life-threatening situation.

Rapid emergency aid for 21,000 people

As a quick emergency measure, the ASEP team has organised the supply of 1,790 households with water by tanker trucks within the framework of cooperation with arche noVa. Each and every affected person receives 20 litres a day. The water is distributed by village committees in the municipality of Belet Xaawa and another village in the municipality of South Bardeere.
In addition, together with the local partner organisation, we are improving an existing borehole in Wadajir, where long queues are currently forming. Waiting times are hours, even at night. A new submersible pump, an elevated tank and the connection to the pipe system will significantly improve the water output and defuse the crisis situation on site. This will benefit around 21,000 people.

WASH program on site will continue

We have coordinated our emergency aid activities with other aid organisations active in the Gedo region in the WASH cluster. The local needs analysis identified our project area as a region particularly affected by the drought. The local authorities emphasise the urgency of an intervention, particularly in relation to the water supply.
arche noVa has been in the Gedo region in southern Somalia since 2015. Our focus is on improving water, sanitation and hygiene conditions in communities where many internally displaced people have found refuge.

Our country programme and the current emergency aid are supported by the Federal Foreign Office. We are urgently dependent on donations for additional measures.

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One week drinking water supply by truck for a family