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Official project visit from Germany

19. February 2019 - Ethiopia
At the beginning of February Hannah Schempf and Laura Bröker from the Federal Foreign Office visited our project in the Somali region of Ethiopia. They met representatives of the local communities and gained an impression of the project, which is supported significantly by the Ministry.

Drought determines the everyday life of the people in the Somali region of Ethiopia. In their traditional, nomadic way of life, pastoralism, livestock herds are the focus. After years of instability in Ethiopia, the Somali region is economically, structurally and socially particularly dependent. The lack of water systems endangers the lives of people and herds of animals. The livelihood and income basis in dry seasons is severely threatened. arche noVa has been working on site since 2017 and is building rainwater cisterns and dug wells together with its local partner organisation OWDA.

The representatives of the Federal Foreign Office from Berlin and Markus Bock and Klaus Müller from the German Embassy in Addis Ababa visited the project villages to get an idea of the implemented project measures and to get to know the cooperation with the local partner and the population. Together with arche noVa project manager Nazir Ahmed and members of the local party organisation OWDA, they visited the health centre in Denan, where a water filter system was built. The delegation also visited rainwater cisterns and wells with solar pumps that had been built during the project and held talks with local government and community representatives.

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The visit was very informative and appreciative for arche noVa. We were able to present our work on site with all its facets and let it speak for itself - which is otherwise difficult to convey through reports and pictures. The visit also strengthened our local partner OWDA and the village population. They were able to exchange and discuss content, ideas and suggestions directly, building understanding and trust. In this way we can expand our good cooperation and look positively into the future.

Nazir Ahmed

 So that we can continue to arm the people with a water supply against drought, donate now for our Ethiopia project.

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