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Not tired at all - 15 years of Global Education at arche noVa

11. September 2018 - Germany
Do you know the production route of your jeans? Or do you know how much "invisible" water is in your coffee? Could you list former German colonies in Africa and explain how colonialism still influences our relations with the countries of the Global South today?

There is much to discover in history that is still relevant for our coexistence today. And much of what we encounter in everyday life has a global connection. Furthermore, life in a globalized world brings with it many challenges: dealing with diversity, uncertainty, knowledge and ignorance must be learned.

This is exactly what the Global Education/Education for Sustainable Development department at arche noVa has been working on for 15 years now. The educational programs launched in 2003 raise awareness of global contexts and sustainability issues, work on attitudes and values and point out options for action. The main target group are school classes who learn more about climate change, nutrition, migration, colonialism and much more in topic-specific project days in the project "One World = Your World". It is important to us to bring the pupils into the dialogue and with practical, interactive methods the topics more near. The project days are organised by the Dresden office and carried out by trained team members in classes of all types of schools and in volunteer groups.

Since 2013, the "Specialist Department for Global Education in Saxony" has also been part of arche noVa. It is primarily responsible for the online portal, where teachers can find information about bookable workshops and project day offers, find working materials for teaching and get to know Saxon actors in Global Education. Further projects promote global learning in other settings and with other target groups, e.g. in adult education and open youth work.

As part of its work, the Department for Global Education has received many awards, such as "Project of the UN Decade of Education for Sustainable Development" and "best practice project of the Federal Ministry for Economic Development and Cooperation (BMZ)".

On August 31 the 15th was celebrated with a varied anniversary celebration, which brought together numerous former and current supporters of arche noVa educational work, looking back with pride and looking forward to the challenges of the future.