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New project in Ethiopia continues successful actions

10. February 2017 -
At the beginning of our anniversary year 2017 arche noVa started a new project in the districts of Wuchale and Jidda to continue measures which were successfully implemented in a preceding project.

Katlevu Teshona still benefits from these actions. Prior to our project she spent two hours each in the morning and in the afternoon obtaining the water for her family. After arche noVa and our partner organization SUNARMA installed a fountain near her home the time she needs has been considerably shortened.  She can now attend school more punctually and attentively. The final evaluation of the project showed that especially women and girls like Katlevu Teshona benefit from the improvement of the supply situation and get to play a more active role in their communities due to their contribution to the project.

This is urgently needed, considering that the gender inequality in the area is particularly distinct. Many women are analphabets and considerably less girls than boys are able to attend school. So it is anything but surprising that the evaluation also showed that we need to keep supporting women.

This is the reason why our focus in the new project is again on strengthening girls and women. However, the project is still meant to benefit all local people. Hence we organized extensive measures to improve the water supply and food security in both districts.

You can find more information about our new project in Ethiopia here.