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More activities in project region Gao

12. December 2018 - Mali
Thanks to new funding, arche noVa can expand its activities in the Gao project region. As a result, more schools and more communities will receive new water systems. We also support income-generating activities in agriculture, livestock farming and fishing. A total of around 22,000 people will be reached.

Hardly any school in northeastern Mali is as well equipped as the local students would like it to be. There are shortages everywhere you look, especially water and sanitation. It is clear that without a secure basic supply, learning is difficult and educational biographies break off. arche noVa will therefore build more wells at schools in the Gao region in a new project. At the same time there is the rehabilitation and new construction of toilets for the school communities as well as hygiene promotion.

Creating opportunities for income

Applied hygiene knowledge and the possibility of independent maintenance of water and sanitary facilities reduce the risk of disease - this has already been proven by arche noVa's predecessor projects in the region. They also showed that training offers are in demand and improve people's socio-economic situation. The special: The project is not aimed at a single target group, but tries to stabilise entire communities. The demand is huge, because not only the water supply but also the food security and overall economic situation is precarious.

Our activities to improve the living situation are geared to the economic and ecological conditions on site. In concrete terms, this means support in agriculture and fisheries, training in animal welfare and the establishment of vaccination parks.

Funding from the SKala Initiative

The project "Improving water and sanitation services as well as income and food security in the Gao region" is supported by the SKala initiative to the tune of EUR 1.2 million. This is the largest non-public funding of a project by arche noVa to date. Additional funds are also provided by the Federal Foreign Office. SKala is an initiative of the entrepreneur Susanne Klatten in partnership with the non-profit analysis and consulting company PHINEO.


Team building for new tasks

In order to meet the challenges of the new project even better, arche noVa has expanded the capacities of its own team. Colleagues attended computer courses, language courses and security training. With the further training not only the professional competence grew, but also the self-confidence and the confidence to be able to take over tasks independently.

Read here what our team can do on site.