Humanitarian helper with worldwide experience becomes managing director of arche noVa

16.05.2019 - 13:26 - Germany
Mathias Anderson studied civil engineering and is an internationally experienced project manager. He has been active in humanitarian aid, transitional aid and development cooperation since 2006 and has worked alone for arche noVa in a total of twelve countries. Now he takes over the management of the office in Dresden.

In my professional past... I have also been under contract to other non-governmental organisations (NGOs) from Germany and Norway as well as to the United Nations. It all started with the reconstruction after the tsunami in Sri Lanka, but soon the focus of my work was on WASH (water, sanitation and hygiene). In the last two years I worked for a company that manufactures and sells mobile drinking water treatment plants and sanitary solutions for humanitarian actors.


My new area of responsibility is... management. I have seen arche noVa grow over the years and want to actively support the organisation in the associated professionalisation. It is important to me to establish meaningful processes in the various departments at home and abroad in order to strengthen the backs of the employees so that they can concentrate on their actual tasks.


I liked to come (again) to arche noVa because I learned to appreciate the organisation very much. Especially in the often very complex work abroad, I always knew that I could rely on the support of my colleagues in Dresden.

Mathias Anderson

I see the greatest challenges in humanitarian aid... currently in the increase in humanitarian crises in number, but also in duration and complexity. Especially in violent conflicts, our actions are increasingly restricted by the deterioration of humanitarian access. As an organisation, we must therefore develop strategies that enable us to reach the people affected in an efficient way.

I'm looking forward to... working with the arche noVa team, which now has many new faces in addition to some familiar ones. Furthermore, it is nice for a native "Hamburger Jung", who has spent more than half his life abroad, to take root on the Elbe again - even if a little further up the river.

In five years... arche noVa will still alleviate the suffering of people, although the organisation is increasingly focusing on regional presence, particularly in development cooperation, in order to build up capacities on the ground in the longer term that can also be mobilised in crisis situations. At the international level, arche noVa has asserted itself as a respected, professional and solid NGO, without losing sight of its own origins.