The future is what you make it!

11.05.2021 - 15:28 - Germany
Under the slogan "Six Days for Future", arche noVa organizes free vacation camps on future professions in Saxony and Thuringia during the upcoming summer and autumn vacations.

Finding the way into the professional world of tomorrow

Logo CampsQuestions about the future of our globalized world and how life can be made fair and sustainable for all play an important role not only in our international aid projects. We also take up these questions in our Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) projects in Germany. In "Six Days for Future" summer camps, young people learn about the professional world of tomorrow and develop sustainable ideas.

Not only since the worldwide climate strikes of Fridays for future has Generation Z been preoccupied with two big questions: How livable will our world be in the near future? And what is my own role in it? With our theme camps, we enable young people to deal with these questions, to test themselves practically and to find suitable perspectives for themselves.

Summer and autumn camps 2021

"Six Days for Future" is a cooperation project of arche noVa with the Environmental Center Dresden and the social institution Valtenbergwichtel e.V. from the district of Bautzen.  Thanks to public funding, the events are free of charge for the participants.Logo 6d4f

Information on all six camps and three workshops for the 2021 season, as well as registration, can be found here:

The vacation camps and workshops focus on career orientation in the context of sustainability. Specifically, topics such as solidarity-based agriculture, e-mobility, urban development, creative industries, sustainable tourism, crafts and the textile industry are on the agenda. Young people between the ages of 13 and 20 can participate - many offers are also suitable for wheelchair users.

Topics from journalism to urban planning to design

Under the heading "Trend, Content, Event," for example, participants shoot a video on sustainability at work and organize a press event. The "City, Country, River" theme camp focuses on sustainable urban development and mobility - here, particularly innovative companies in Dresden are visited and their own ideas for the future are developed using the "Design Thinking" method. At the "Scissors, Style, Paper" workshop, participants explore sustainability potential in the field of design and packaging and learn design basics.

Vocational orientation is also available online

We have provided more info on sustainability at work here on our youth blog:

Funding note: The project "Generation Future - Tomorrow's Professionals" is funded under the ESF federal program "Vocational Training for Sustainable Development. Via green key competencies to climate- and resource-friendly action at work (BBNE)" by the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety and the European Social Fund.