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Emergency aid in flooded Somali region

14. June 2018 - Somalia
arche noVa has started an emergency aid operation in the South East of Ethiopia as the region is affected by heavy flooding. With our local partner organisation we are supporting 12000

Heavy rainfall in the Oromia region upstream in the end of April have brought Shabeelle River to rise abruptly and overflow the bordering areas. The administration districts of Mustahil and Kelafo have been hit the hardest. Many villages along the river have been completely set under water with only little time to escape. Many have lost their homes and their possessions. According to a survey by USAID about 27.000 households (165.000 individuals) are affected by the catastrophe. Humanitarian aid is urgently needed. Therefore we are appealing for donations. The biggest need in the moment is for emergency shelters as well as water, sanitation and hygiene.

Together with our local partner organisation OWDA (Organisation for Welfare and Development in Action) we are carrying out our emergency aid. Our project area is the Kelafo region. As a direct measure we are distributing water disinfection chemicals, jerry cans, soap and detergents. Inundations hold severe health dangers. That is why the water supply and hygiene is first priority here. Our effort will guarantee the families to be secured of infectious diseases like diarrhea.


In the South East of Ethiopia arche noVa is already engaged since 2017. Shabeelle zone is one of 11 districts of the Somali region. After various phases of enduring drought, many people had moved near the flat riverbank of Shabelle River to achieve access to water and fertile soil. There they settled in small informal villages that have partly been totally destroyed now.

With the current flooding catastrophe the humanitarian situation in Ethiopia has overall worsened again. The country is struggling with a combination of drought, flood and conflicts between ethnic groups. Die responsible authorities and local aid organisations with their
limited resources have reached the breaking point.

For our emergency aid operation we are in urgent need for donations. Please donate for our emergency aid fonds.