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Emergency aid for flood victims in Nepal

17. November 2017 -
The unusually strong and long-lasting monsoon rain has caused many fatalities in South East Asia. arche noVa supports several communities in Nepal hit by the flooding with food, hygiene kits and the restoration of the water and sanitation supply.

The Terai region at the foot of Himalaya in southern Nepal is one of the areas suffering the most under this year’s water masses. Around 1.7 million people here are affected by the floodings and landslides. 149 people were killed, some still haven’t been found yet. The water left heavy destruction behind. Thousands have lost their homes, at the moment 40.00 families are housing in emergency shelters, according to our local partner organization. Aid is mostly very difficult though, as the roads to the villages partially have been totally destroyed.

Distribution of essential basic food

Together with the local organization GEYC, arche noVa supports the inhabitants of the Terai region with the distribution of the most needed foodstuffs. The affected families receive packages with rice, lentils and oil. The water supply and sanitary facilities are destroyed in many villages, which increases the danger of people drinking polluted water and the spreading of diseases. At the moment arche noVa supports seven communities especially in the mountains to reconstruct the access to clean drinking water as soon as possible, also toilets are built. Additionally we are spreading hygiene packages for up to 500 households, including water buckets, towels and soap.