Emergency aid in Ann Township in Myanmar after heavy flooding

18.07.2018 - 10:10 - Myanmar
Due to heavy rainfall in the middle of June 2018, Ann Township in the South East of Myanmar has been struck by severe high waters. Overall 21 of the 28 project communities, where arche noVa has already been active since 2016, are affected. The water masses have washed away houses and contaminated nearly all wells, while the population had to seek shelter in safe points or higher grounds.

From the beginning arche noVa supported the local administration authorities, the firefighters and the communities with personnel and transportation vehicles. In cooperation with the local Red Cross the arche noVa team brought hygiene and kitchen articles to the affected people. Also private food donations were transported.

Even though the local healthcare team meanwhile has cleaned one well in each village, the available water still can only be used as drinking water. To use it for household purposes is forbidden at the moment as the amount of drinking water is limited. Therefore the population still has to use contaminated water for their personal cleansing, which led to rashes and skin irritations especially among children and elderly.

To be able to clean all further wells in the 21 communities, arche noVa is going to buy water pumps and distribute them to the villages. To operate them, 1.500 liters of diesel will be provided. So the people can clean all wells step by step themselves. Additionally arche noVa will distribute soap and detergents for 2.526 families.

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25 families receive soap and detergents.