Drought in Somalia: Water saves lives

20.04.2022 - 16:05 - Somalia
East Africa is currently experiencing a severe drought. Three rainy seasons in a row have failed. Crops are drying up, animals are dying. Desperate families, unable to feed themselves, are fleeing in search of water and food. The war in the Ukraine further aggravates the situation as the price of wheat is rising and imports are failing.

We supply water and rehabilitate wells

"As a coping mechanism, families have reduced the frequency and quantity of meals, including for the children," reports our local partner organisation, written as usual in neutral language.  Behind this are frightening individual fates. Children no longer go to school because it is crucial for them to participate in the search for water, income or pasture for their animals.

To alleviate the needs, arche noVa and our local partner organization, Action for Social and Economic Progress (ASEP), have started distributing drinking water in 12 villages in the Gedo Region in SW Somalia, ensuring that more than 10,000 people receive a minimum of 7.5 litres of water per day.

We are also working with our partner organisation Polish Humanitarian Action (PAH), to repair wells that have been damaged by the drought. As only deep wells are currently carrying water, we are enabling three communities to rehabilitated their boreholes. When the water flows there, more than 30,000 people and 80,000 farm animals can be fed.  This will give them a chance to survive the drought.