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29. August 2017 -
Digital media is becoming increasingly important in education. arche noVa is making progress on this path, in order to inspire young people for topics of global learning. New in our media offer: "(Im-) perfect Future", an online game for young people, which can be used in youth groups and classes.

We are in the year 2099. Climate change and exploitation of natural resources have led to the earth being on the brink of disaster.

Players have the opportunity to return to the past. They are placed in the present time and can influence the development of the world with the help of various actions.

The online game addresses young people aged 14+. The focus of this game is mainly on possibilities for action. There are scenarios that can be used to mitigate climate change and provide more environmental justice. In this way, young people can playfully explore how each and every one of us can live life-saving in everyday life.

Pupils are able to play in the classroom, in organized leisure or even at home. Because there are some parts in English, it is also suitable for the language acquisition.

Watch and play

Here you can find an explanation of the game and here you can start directly with the game.

Good luck!