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Call for donations in Dresden

6. February 2017 -
On the occasion of the human chain on the 13th of February arche noVa and the coalition “Dresden hilft” of the city of Dresden call for donations for the civilian population affected by the war in Syria.

The funds benefit 8,000 students in the north of Syria whom arche noVa enables to attend school and therefore improves their prospects and allows hope for a better future. Especially children suffer from the war in their country. They live under the constant threat of attacks and many were not able to attend school for months or even years. Therefore arche noVa supports nine schools in the rural areas western of Aleppo and secures regular lessons for the boys and girls.

Currently the involved schools are in need of the continuous supply of heating material. To sustain the lessons in the future as well we depend on donations for the whole project, which e.g. will also be used to regularly provide the children with lunchtime snacks. In view of their bad nutrition situation it is clear why this aspect of our project is an important contribution for the families affected by the war.

We are glad that arche noVa is allowed to be present at the human chain in Dresden. arche noVa staff will be located at seven points along the chain to inform and collect donations.

Since 2010 the people in Dresden annually remember the victims of the bombardments of February 13th 1945 by forming a human chain. At the same time they want to set a signal against the exploitation of the date by neo-Nazis. This year about 10,000 people are expected to participate again. But for the first time ever the focus will not only be on the dead of February 13th but also on the victims of the war in Syria.

You can find more information about our project here.