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arche noVa stays in action in the earthquake area in Ecuador

31. May 2016 -
The temporary emergency shelters in the Ecuadorian coastal region Jama are more crowded than ever. Since the earth trembled again on the 18th of May, the fear of aftershocks increased again. Most families do not want to go back to their unsafe houses. Others have no other choice than to stay in the emergency shelters, because their houses were completely destroyed. The situation in the rural area of the affected region is especially precarious since the difficult to access areas do not get enough help.

arche noVa is still in action in Jama and focuses on supplying the affected people in the small rural communities, whose emergency shelters are so small that they fall through the cracks of the big aid institutions. Our team cares for the provision with drinking water and the access to sanitary facilities. The installation of toilets, showers and hand washbasins enables not only the daily supply for the inhabitants but also reduces the imminent danger of epidemics.    

Meanwhile we already ensured the supply with clean drinking water for 2,000 children, women and men in the emergency shelters. Furthermore we installed toilet facilities that supply 400 families. The emergency team distributes hygiene kits and holds hygiene trainings. Further activities are planned. In the upcoming weeks 1,000 persons will additionally get access to sanitary facilities.

To help even more people, we badly depend on Donations.

According to UN-experts this is the worst natural disaster in Latin America since the earthquake in Haiti in 2010.