arche noVa expands activities in Eastern Ukraine

24.01.2017 - 09:13 -
Power outages, missing sanitary facilities and no access to clean water: this is the daily life in many hospitals and schools along the frontline in Eastern Ukraine. In December arche noVa started a further project in the region. We refurbish the dilapidated infrastructure, offer trainings and hence create long-term perspectives for internally displaced persons and local residents.

Already before the outbreak of the crisis, the infrastructure on many public institutions in Oblast Donezk in Eastern Ukraine has been obsolete and insufficient. But due to the influx of many internally displaced persons the situation tenses increasingly. There is hardly any access to medical care and clean water. To avert the danger of bacterial contaminated water in hospitals, we install a water treatment plant for a hospital. The employees receive trainings and tools to carry out maintenance and reparation works on their own. Furthermore we refurbish the premises and equip them according to the needs of patients and employees.

We also overhaul the water supply and sanitary facilities on schools and equip class rooms with furniture and educational material.

In addition we focus on training measures. Currently the majority of IDPs does not have their own disposable income, but are reliant on meager social benefits. Due to the qualification measures they get the chance to reintegrate into the labor market and earn their own living. More than 13,500 people in the Eastern Ukraine will benefit from these project measures during the next three years.

You can find further information about our comprehensive project on the project page.