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arche noVa ensures school education for 8.000 children and juveniles

27. October 2016 -
Our school project in Syria moves to the next stage. With great success our summer courses were completed at the end of September, since then the regular school year takes place on nine schools.

There was a great rush for school enrolments, particularly because we provide education in villages, where partly no school lessons had been possible for years and where many families, who fled from contested areas, found accommodation. 8.000 girls and boys can take place in the lessons, organized by arche noVa.

More than 220 teachers were employed in the last weeks. Many of them received trainings, to be prepared for their new responsibilities. As the teachers have to expect children, who are not used to study, who had not been to school for years or who were sent to school very late.

How to deal with gaps in the pupils´ knowledge and with special needs of children in the crisis area, were important issues during the summer courses as well. The teachers took a lot of time to identify the level of knowledge of the children and juveniles and to encourage them in the appropriate courses. Arabic, Math and English were part of the seven weeks program. With certificates and awards for the best performances the courses came to an end.

Well prepared several children now take place in regular lessons in the nine schools supported by arche noVa. Our engagement for education includes extra tuition, the offer of school lunch and the distribution of school material. The reparation and extension of water and sanitary facilities, which were necessary on seven schools, are already completed.

You can find further information about our humanitarian aid for the children in Syria on our project page.