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arche noVa completes work in Ecuador

7. July 2016 -
The severe earthquake that hit Ecuador at the 16. April 2016 with a strength of 7,8 on the Richter scale cost more than 660 people their lives, over 27,000 were injured. In large parts of the country buildings and infrastructure were destroyed. The water supply collapsed, wherefore the separation between drinking water and wastewater was not ensured anymore. Thousands of people did not have access to safe drinking water and sanitary infrastructure. The increase of infectious diseases was threatening.

Shortly after the earthquake an emergency team from arche noVa left for the disaster area. With them they carried three drinking water treatment plants and a portable water laboratory, to be ready for action immediately and provide the people with safe drinking water.

Our project area lay in the rural, difficult to access regions of Ecuador, where there are such small emergency shelters, that they fall through the cracks of the big aid organizations. With the water treatment plants our team was able to supply 2,500 children, women and men.

Among them is Nieve, who lives with her sons in the emergency shelter in San Juan since the earthquake, because her house was destroyed completely. In the camp she feels safe and has everything that she needs, Nieve tells our stuff on site. Because of the mission from arche noVa they have clean drinking water: “We are very grateful for the help”.

Furthermore arche noVa installed several showers, hand washbasins and toilet facilities during the project. To prevent the outbreak of diseases that are caused by inadequate hygiene, we held trainings about this topic. Also we distributed hygiene kits, to equip the people with tooth brushes, towels, lady items and soap.

Now the situation in Ecuador increasingly improved and so we were able to end our project after two month.