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arche noVa boosts emergency aid in the east of Africa

12. April 2017 -
We just started our emergency aid for the people affected by the drought in our project area in Somalia. Road tankers are now out and about to supply drinking water to 4,100 people in five villages.

This emergency supply is desperately needed because most water sources around the city Belet Xaawa have run dry and the supply systems are overstrained. This also applies to the communes which arche noVa has been supporting since 2015 and where many refugee families found shelter. There we expand the local water systems by building pipelines, water distribution points and wells.

Due to the acute crisis our partner organization ASEP takes care of water-tankering for the people as well as their droves which are essential for the subsistence of most families.

6.2 million people, almost half of the population of Somalia, are dependent on humanitarian aid because of the severe drought. Many of them suffer from malnutrition, crops failed, pastures are scarce, the cattle dies and there is an acute shortage of water. By now, many affected families have to cover up to 35 kilometers to find water. The number of inhabitants of some villages in our project area tripled. That is why we want to expend our emergency supply.

The following activities are planned: hygiene-promotion as well as the construction of toilets for preventing diseases in this urgent crisis. This is even more important as many people suffer from acute malnutrition and every infection becomes a potential threat to life. Not only the Somali people are affected that´s why arche noVa plans to extend further measures to the neighboring country of Ethopia. We are going to secure the water supply for thousands of people in the border region called Somali. Therefore road tankers are used and the capacity of already existing wells and cisterns will be extended. The Ethiopian organization OWDA is going to be our partner. Moreover we are going to install filtration systems and carry out hygiene trainings in cooperation.

For our emergency aid in East Africa we are urgently depending on donations!

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