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arche noVa anniversary project: safe water for strong women

15. March 2017 -
On the occasion of the 25th anniversary arche noVa starts today a fundraising campaign for our anniversary project “clean water for strong women”. In Uganda, where the access to save drinking water is a major difficulty, our project will enable local civil society structures to tackle the water crisis by their own. We cannot image a more beautiful gift. Hence we ask you to support our project with a donation. Our common aim is to receive 100.000 Euro.

Our anniversary project includes all essential attributes, which are very dear to us:

  • the subject of water
  • the use of locally adapted technologies
  • the support of a strong partner organization
  • the principle of capacity building
  • a long-term perspective

Our partner organization originates from a women’s grassroots movement. They merged in self-help groups of the Katosi Women Development Trust to improve the living conditions of themselves and their families.

Traditionally the female family members are responsible for the water provision. Their psychological strain is particularly high, if family members get sick due to the contaminated water from unsecure sources or from Lake Victoria.

In previous projects we were convinced by the commitment and the working principles of the women. Our anniversary project will further enhance the organization and enable them to improve the water and sanitary provision of more than 170.000 people in the project area for the long-term.   .

The planned activities include the expansion of their training center, trainings of water committees and the equipping with tools and materials, as well as the building of rainwater collection tanks and toilets for selected households, which will trigger the refinancing of further building activities as a result of the knock-on-effect.

The anniversary project shall continue a series of successful projects, which had its beginnings in 1992. At that time a fistful of young people founded arche noVa – Initiative for People in Need. They started a relief aid convoy and headed to Kurdistan, to support the civil society during the Second Gulf War. Since then, we have implemented more than 120 projects. Today arche noVa is active in 15 countries.

On our project page you can read how we invest our expertise from 25 years in our project in Uganda.