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Additional sand dams planned in central Kenya

26. January 2018 - Kenya
In cooperation with female self-aid groups new sand dams will be built in Kenia until 2020.

Until the end of 2020 arche noVa is going to build further sand dams in central Kenya. All in all 20 pieces of this type of water storage will be constructed. For one half of them the plans are existing since longer time, the other ten dams are part of a new project cycle started at the beginning of January. For this project arche noVa and the local organisation Africa Sand Dam Foundation (ASDF) are going to work with four self-aid groups for the first time in common.

But also other groups are part of the project, which already constructed own sand dams with the support of arche noVa and ASDF, for example the ladies of the Mbukilye Ngukilye Widows self-aid group around Doris Mulanda and Josephine Nyenze. The group only consisting of widows were able to build three dams out of their own and thus improve their access to clean water immensely. Now in trainings the women are going to learn how they can improve their harvest outcomes and which measures are needed to sell the commonly grown products in profitable ways.


Since 2012 arche noVa is active in the districts of Makueni, Machakos and Kitui in the centre of Kenia. Altogether 24 sand dams have resulted since then. Sand dams are an easy, but extremely effective method of using the rain scarcely falling in this region. In a sand reservoir behind the dam’s wall water can be stored for many months. From 2 to 20 million liters can be saved in there. So the water is accessible for the residents even during the dry season.

Further information about this project you can find on our project site.

At financing this project, arche noVa is being supported by the Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development. But to cover the total expenses, we are urgently relying on donations.