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540 refugees, Syrian children start a new school year

28. September 2018 - Syria
In many German states a new school year has started this month. Normal everyday life for German pupils. Also 540 Syrian children in Lebanon can go to school this year thanks to the support of arche nova in the Bekaa plain. For the escaped Syrian families, however, this is not a matter of course. Many children do not go to school at their places of refuge, but contribute to the family's livelihood with small jobs.

The rush for the registration of new Syrian children in the primary schools, which we look after with our partner organisation Social Support Society in the Bekaa plain, was very great. The two project managers Salwa Al-Kawas and Nimat Bizri report that unfortunately not all children could be accepted for the school year 2018/2019. Capacities are limited - there is a lack of rooms and teachers in the schools.

The two schools involved in our project have a particularly good reputation. The children are looked after in a targeted manner and there is further training for the teachers. "We make sure that the class sizes are not too big, that the children are divided into classes according to their actual learning level and not necessarily according to the age of a class," explains Nimat Bizri. Some children have not attended school for months or years and have to deal with traumatic experiences. Those who therefore have to struggle with greater difficulties are given special care. Some children also accept extracurricular activities. Singing along in the choir is particularly popular. In addition, the families are also often looked after. "As well as we can," says the project manager.

School education is more than just imparting knowledge

For six years, Salwa Al-Kawas and Nimat Bizri have been committed to helping refugee Syrian children in Lebanon. They had to overcome several hurdles. The mixed classes in particular initially met with resistance from the conservative Syrian parents. Nevertheless, the project managers stuck to it in order to promote equal learning and thus interaction with each other. In a school performance of 14 girls and boys of the 6th grade, the children sang, danced and held hands together on stage. This convinced many parents, who later thanked Salwa Al-Kawas and Nimat Bizri. They agree: "Education for children is so much more than imparting knowledge to children. It is such an important contribution to our society. We can do so much."

arche nova supports the Ghazza School with 540 pupils from September 2018 to July 2019. This school was already supported last year. From January 2019 the Kamed el Los School with currently 305 Syrian children will also be part of our program.

We would like to extend our school program in Lebanon, which is supported by the Free State of Saxony, so that also those who could not be registered this time get a chance. Therefore we urgently ask for donations for this project.