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25 years arche noVa - 25 storys Nr. 13 Susann Krause

12. September 2017 -
In 2017 arche noVa celebrates its 25th birthday. For a quarter of a century we have been committed to humanitarian aid and development cooperation. What's behind it? In the course of the year, we present 25 people whose stories are an example of our work. This time Susann Krause.

Her job always brings new surprises. Susann Krause is the head of the “Jugendhaus Wilthen” in East Saxony. She leads the youth club with a lot of openness and likes to introduce new approaches. So it was no surprise that she was excited by the "Globalize Me" project of the “arche noVa” educational program.

“One day, I came to the office of our sponsoring organization when my colleague was talking to Claudia Holbe from arche noVa about the program. I was immediately enthusiastic”, remembers the social worker.  An  email to arche noVa was enough and a productive cooperation began.

Susann Krause brings global education to the province

For a year the “Jugendhaus Wilthen” took part in the "Globalize Me" project. During this time, Bianka Ruge came to the small town from Dresden's arche noVa education team every week. She helped Susann Krause to introduce Global Education in her youth work. “The children and young people were very happy. Sometimes there was more, sometimes less”, says the social worker. Particularly popular were the cooking afternoons. Cooking is always popular in the youth club. The food topic has many global aspects: Where do the ingredients come from? What are the working conditions and environmental conditions in the countries of origin? How does the food come to Germany and to the village Wilthen?
With arche noVa the children approached the big questions of our global world in a playful way. "It is all voluntarily," emphasizes Susann Krause. In contrast to school lessons, children cannot be forced to do anything in their spare time. Susann Krause has to deal with it every day. She likes this challenge and her job. For her, it is more than just passing the time for children and adolescents. She wants the children to remember what they have learned, but without  a moralizing undertone.

Expanding the horizon for children and young people

It is not that easy to inspire young people for this issues. There are few alternatives in Wilthen. The boredom of the children also helps Susann Krause and her work. The most important thing is: Susann offers an interesting program. Play, crafts and holiday offers are the standards. Plus some additional highlights.
"Inspired by arche noVa’s project and the high demand, my colleagues from our sponsoring organization Valtenbergweichtel and I organized a simulation game on flight and refugees. . The children were sent in groups with a social worker on a trip. Through the woods they walked on foot. By train they drove to unknown places over fictitious country borders. They traveled through our region with also fictitious 'smugglers'. The goal was an accommodation for asylum seekers who was set up for the game. There was also something to eat. But only four hours later ".
Susann Krause is proud of her project. This has taken a lot of work. One sentence stayed in Krause’s mind:  "Having to flee is horrible". This said a child at the end of the gamer. For Susann it was a complete success. She knows that children often hear different things in many parents' houses.

The youth club remains committed

There are many reasons why Susann wants continue on her path. Something she likes are "Upcycling" events. New things are being born out of old things. Creativity and environmental awareness come together. How she can integrate the concept of Global Education even more into such activities, Susann will learn at arche noVa in the coming months. She is a participant of our new program "Club Global" for Global Education in Youth Work.

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