Rainbow photo campaign: Hanging out for a good cause

17.10.2022 - 09:24 - Germany
It was not so long ago that it was useful to stay at home and put your feet up as much as possible - to avoid infection, protect at-risk groups and relieve the burden on the health system. Hanging out by the book. That is long gone and in our current reality most of the rules are already history.

But what still reminds us of the Lockdown in spring are colourful rainbows in the windows: in Dresden, Saxony, indeed worldwide. They were painted by children and hung up to show other children that they are not alone. That there is someone who thinks of them and notices them, even if they could not see each other in real life.
These many small works of art, created between March and May, were a ray of hope in a bleak time.

Now that the sun is shining again, now that children can go to kindergarten and at least occasionally to school, the little rainbow in the window loses a little of its significance.

But before it just ends up carelessly in the paper bin, it would be nice if it could still spread a little hope elsewhere. For the Corona pandemic may have just lost its terror in Germany. Elsewhere, there is still a curfew, children are not allowed to go to school, some do not even have enough to eat and drink because their parents are not allowed to work.

So that these children, e.g. in our project areas in Syria, Lebanon, Uganda, Ukraine and Myanmar, can find a bit of joy, arche noVa launches the campaign "Hanging out for a good cause".

Honour the hanging out rainbow with a donation

We would like every family that hangs their Corona rainbow while cleaning the windows or tidying up to take a photo of it and donate a small amount to arche noVa's Corona emergency aid worldwide. And it doesn't only have to be parents who have already shouldered so much in the last few months. Maybe grandma or the great aunt or the neighbour will be happy if she can honour the rainbow with a donation. And of course it can simply be hung up for a good cause. Then it gives light twice over. Hope and global solidarity are more important than ever in times of pandemic.

Just as the raindrops break the sunlight a thousand times and become a colourful dance in the sky, help is multiplied here and with it hope and joy.

Photo submissions

Anyone who would like to send us their photo of the rainbow hanging down, please write to:info [at] arche-nova.org