World Refugee Day: Children need schools

20.06.2016 - 09:54 -
On the World Refugee Day, on the 20th of June, arche noVa claims for more engagement for Children in conflict areas and war zones and those who are fleeing from there. As the future of the affected girls and boys in and around Syria, in Iraq and in many other conflict areas around the globe has already stopped, before it even started, if we as adults do not ensure, that they are able to go to school.

According to the United Nations currently more than two million children and juveniles in Syria and 700.000 refugee children in the area do not go to school. That is why arche noVa launches a new project this July in the north of Syria. It starts with summer courses for 900 children, who often have not been taught for years. They receive from us the chance for a re-entry into learning. Subsequently arche noVa organizes for the three years regularly school education for 8.000 boys and girls of all class levels in the rural areas, where a lot of fled families settled down.

We must not allow, that a lost generation grows up in the Middle East, whose experiences are only shaped by chaos and violence. School and psychosocial care are the best options to give stability to children in crisis areas and in their place of refuge.

Since 2012 arche noVa engages in Syria for kids, their education and the equipment of schools. The same applies for Lebanon, where arche noVa enables the school attendance for 1.300 fled Syrian boys and girls since last year.

Our engagement also includes the educational sector in Iraq. In the near future our project team starts to rehabilitate the water and sanitary supply at the village schools. All kids will benefit from the improved learning conditions: the natives as well as the ones, who stay there as internal displaced persons. According to UNHCR the situation in Iraq is also dramatically. More than two million children do not go to school, due to ongoing battles and refugee movements.