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"Water remains the biggest problem" - our report from the Thar Desert

5. April 2017 -
Since November 2016 arche noVa has been working on a project in the Thar Desert to secure food supply and promote health. The project is implemented in cooperation with action medeor and the Pakistani organization PVDP. Our local health promoter Meena Kumari knows the daily life of the people in our project area and their struggles very well:

„One of the main problems in the area is to find enough clean and safe water. The water consumption in our cities is way too high – people waste much water by taking a shower or washing their cars. The do not understand the importance of water because it is always available to them.

Since I started working for this project I realized how difficult life in the desert really is, especially for women. They bear the brunt of the work and take care of household, children and animals. But finding enough water for their families is the main task of women in this area. I see women carrying heavy buckets and pots full of water everywhere. Sometimes they need half a day just to find enough water for their families. Though the living conditions for the people in this area improved in some fields – e.g. streets have been built and solar energy has been introduced in the region – water remains the biggest problem.

The wells are often far away from the villages of the families. So the women try to transport as much water as possible. Most carry three jars at once - two on their head and another one in their hands. I can hardly imagine how arduous it must be to be carrying home this load for two or three hours. However, it is still nice to see how the women always support each other.

Another problem in our project area is that the contaminated water often causes diseases. Especially children suffer from waterborne diseases – and the families often lack money for medical treatment.

So there is still a lot to be done, but I love to work with the people around here. I am glad that our project supports the inhabitants of these poor villages.”

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