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Three drinking water treatment plants are on their way to the disaster area

22. April 2016 -
A two person emergency relief team from arche noVa started last Friday to Ecuador for an emergency relief project in the water and sanitary supply sector. They took three water treatment plants and a portable water laboratory with them.

The need of safe drinking water supply is huge in the coastal region where the earthquake caused great destruction. In many places the communal infrastructure broke down. Piping and canals were destroyed. Furthermore the continuous power breakdowns force the pumps to standstill.  

The local authorities fear that the spread of diseases will increase. The separation of potable water and wastewater is not guaranteed anymore and the sanitary situation is parlous. The consequence: increasing numbers of diarrhea and other infectious diseases.

The ultrafiltration plant from arche noVa which our team brought will secure the provision of 2.500 – 3.000 people in the disaster area as soon as possible. Their mission will be to work in rural, difficult to access communities, where in contrast to the big coastal towns no or only little help arrived yet. arche noVa is in close exchange of information with the other international aid organizations and the Aktion Deutschland Hilft- Germanys Relief Coalition, as well as the representatives for humanitarian aid from the Department for Foreign Affairs, which supports our mission significantly.

To provide as many people as possible with safe water, we need your support.