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A strong earthquake hits Ecuador again

18. May 2016 -
After the severe earthquake on the coastline of Ecuador on 16.04.2016 the country was again shaken by an earthquake measuring 6,8 on the Richter-scale this morning (local time). The epicenter is located not far from the center of the last quake.

The vibrations were also noticeable in the capital Quito, which is about 170 km away.

So far there have not been any reports about causalities, eleven persons have been reported as slightly injured. arche noVa´s relief team is in good health. According to the local government in Manabí also the infrastructure stays without major damage.

Since the middle of April arche noVa is active in the Cantons of Jama and San Vicente in the area of Manabí.  After the earthquake there was a strong need for safe drinking water and reasonable sanitary and hygiene provision. Hence arche noVa installs drinking water facilities, hand basins, toilets and showers in the emergency shelters of the rural area of Manabí.   

To help more people in the earthquake area we are heavily reliant on additional donations.