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The story of Teddy Kateme - beneficiary in Uganda

24. March 2017 -
„Thank you and may God bless you!”, Teddy Katame says to our photographer as they part. He had met the eleven-year-old girl near a well he was supposed to photograph during his visit in the district of Mukono, Uganda.

The girl was just fetching water for her family. Very joyfully she let the photographer take pictures of her while doing so. For the well in her village Ttaba which had been built due to the cooperation of arche noVa and the local organization KWDT makes her life a lot easier.

“The old water source was full of danger”, Teddy explains. It was far away and unsecured. “One could easily slip and fall into the water”, the eleven-year-old recalls. This even happened to herself once, but luckily no major harm was done.

Other dangers were far more serious: “We, the children in my family and the whole village, often fell ill. Many had typhoid and diarrhea because the water was not safe”, Teddy tells our team. Heavy rain would erode the containing walls or even make them collapse completely. That was especially bad.

But now the situation has changed completely: since the construction of the new well and hand pump the inhabitants of Ttaba catch diseases considerably less often. “Everybody attends school regularly and is able to learn much better”, Teddy says laughing. “We can even drink the water directly from the well without boiling it first, that’s how clean it is. All I can say is: the project saved us from many diseases. Thank you very much!”