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Prevention programme readjusted after danger of Ebola decreases

9. September 2016 -
Within the last weeks our local WASH coordinator Amadou Maiga from Mali has been active as an organizer of numerous hygiene trainings near the border to Guinea. The events were well attended and offered the participants comprehensive information about hygiene practices in everyday life, health care and the early recognition of symptoms of diseases – however, the focus was not on the prevention of Ebola as originally planned. Fortunately, there is currently no acute risk of the disease spreading in western Africa and worldwide.

According to the new situation our local team adapted our trainings. General measures as for example hand-washing are now the centre of our education activities. They are still of great use to the general public, since infections as diarrhoeal diseases are a constant threat for families in Mali. Especially children are endangered by the transmission of germs; they fall ill, lose weight and suffer from malnutrition with far-reaching consequences for their whole life. The aim of all activities by arche noVa in the field of hygiene promotion is to break the cycle of frequent infections caused by poor hygiene practices. Hence all education activities stay useful with a view to a possible resurgence of the Ebola virus.

The project in Mali includes a wide range of preventive measures. Among them is the construction of hand-washing facilities in public areas and health stations. Currently there is a high rate of Malaria infections in the west of Africa. Therefore our team dedicated the radio spots, which belong to our prevention-project as well, to this topic.