Our project region became an emergency aid zone because of El Niño

05.08.2016 - 08:53 -
Actually our plan was already very ambitious: constructing vegetable gardens, distribution of fishing equipment, training of DRR committees. Our team in Myanmar in our project region in the Irrawaddy Delta had already a lot to do in the first half of the year. But then our employees had to go for an emergency operation. The reason was: El Niño.

The consequences of the climate phenomenon El Niño 2016 are noticeable in numerous Asian countries. Myanmar was one of these countries, where high temperatures and water shortage was the result of El Niño. At the beginning of March it was already over 35 degrees. It caused extreme drought and water shortage even in the wet Irrawaddy Delta in the south. Thereupon several wells and drinking water reservoirs in our project region ran dry.

In fact the regional government initiated emergency measures and distributed drinking water via water tankers, but they did not get through to the villages in the Delta. Many of the communities only are accessible by water routes. The consequences were fatal for the people. Because of the water deficiency many of the inhabitants were forced to use water sources that were dangerous to health. As a fast relief our team in Myanmar organized at the beginning of May together with our partner organization Sopay Myanmar Development Organization the emergency supply of nine villages with drinking water, which was delivered by boat.   

285 households received a basic supply of daily 32 liters of water per person, during a period of two weeks. With the beginning rainfall in the rainy season at the end of May, our emergency measures could end after eight days. And our project partners could continue with their regular work in the disaster risk reduction and the improvement of the basic services on site.

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