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New water project reaches more than 62.000 people in the border region close to Syria

25. October 2016 -
Finally the time has come: after tiresome preparation the construction on our new project in the North of Lebanon, close to the Syrian border, starts in this days. In the coming weeks arche noVa provides reparation and extension of water supply on 16 schools in 14 rural localities and provides reparation and extension of 13 communal water supply systems which serves additional 68 rural localities. More than 62,383 people, 3,591 pupils and 707 teachers benefit from the activities, Syrian refugees as well as local people.

The mission is urgently required in an area that received numberless Syrian refugee families. The many people and the enduring crisis in Syria mean a high burden for the already poor region. It lacks on everything. Not least, it is the crumbling water infrastructure, which is completely overloaded. The shortage is omnipresent and forces the people either to buy expensive bottled water or to drink unsafe water.

Our local team identified in complex detail work the villages, where the needs are particularly high. From place to place our employees surveyed many water tanks, wells, pipelines, school latrines and wash basins. The arrangements with the responsible authorities have been especially time consuming.

Now the construction work can start.

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