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New summer courses enable children to return to learning

29. June 2017 -
In a few days, this year's summer courses of our educational project will start in Syria. At three locations, around 900 children are trained intensively in courses on writing, reading and computing.

We want to prepare the children for school during the 10-week courses. All participants are urgently in need of this support, because they haven’t attended school for a long time or demonstrate education gaps.

Since the beginning of the war in Syria, especially the children are suffering. Violence, escape, danger and an extremely difficult economic situation leaded to the situation that many families aren’t able any longer to send their children to school - with disastrous consequences for their future prospects. This is the reason why we started our educational program in the north of the country.

Around 40 teachers and educational assistants will lead this year's summer courses. For this purpose, the employees are specially trained. The focus in this training is on learning methods and handling with children, who have to deal with traumatic experiences. Among other things, the teachers learned to handle the traditional abacus. This centuries-old computational instrument is ideally suitable to demonstrate the numerical calculation and the comprehension of the score system playful and vivid.

The locations for the courses are also selected carefully. Our team has identified three locations in the project area that apply as comparatively safe and there are many displaced families located who need support for their children. Moreover there aren’t similar offers from other organizations in this area. By now 900 children have already been registered for the courses. There were long queues at the registration that shows that many families are interested in this project.

Our educational project will continue beyond the summer holidays. From September, we are going to secure the regular school operation again in nine locations, supporting around 8,000 children and young people. At the end of the school year, we already started to retreat from the schools that have been supported so far. At the moment, our local team supports them advisory on their way to independence. In doing so parents, teachers and local administrative institutions work together. Together they are building new structures, which will ensure the education for around 8,000 children and teenagers.

Please read our project description to get to know why education is especially important for Syrian children in the crisis.