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New drainage ditch protects Sherawan from floods

8. March 2017 -
The climate in the government Diyala in the East of Iraq is very dry for most of the year, there is almost no rain during the summer months. Water is urgently needed, but heavy rainfall does not occur in that area until autumn.

The inhabitants of the little village Sherawan are dependent on that rain to irrigate their fields and provide their cattle with water. But so far, water had been both a blessing and a curse to the village, where many families who fled from the violent conflicts in other parts of the country live as well.

Sherawan is located in a low area. That means that the water from the surrounding mountains used to flow freely through the village and destroyed parts of the harvest and houses on its way. Additionally, it carried the waste of higher villages which was a breeding ground for mosquitos and other insects.

Kak Ali who has been living in Sherawan for many years describes the recurring floods as devastating, because instead of irrigating the fields the water flushes fertile soil, seeds and plants away.

The inhabitants had intended to build a trench to convey the water safely through the village for a long time. But up to now they lacked the necessary resources.

So, in the context of our project and together with the population of the village our local team dug a water ditch. The work is still in progress. In the future this ditch will protect the fields and houses from floods. So Kak Ali will be able to enjoy the rain as well.