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More than 100 families in the Irrawaddy Delta receive gardening tools

23. June 2016 -
Punctual for the started rainy session arche noVa equipped more than 100 families in the Irrawaddy Delta in Myanmar with gardening tools and seeds. What sounds like a fistful of “trivia” is an important contribution to more security safety and independence for the families in eight of our project villages. The objective of this action is, that the families of fishermen and the rice farmers are able to plant vegetable gardens to support themselves better.

Our local partner organization MHDO has already arranged trainings. Since that the families know what matters for gardening and how to compost, how to fertilize biologically and how to combats the pests. Now they are in fund of the required tools. Ideally they plant their gardens as raised beds, as the soil in the Irrawaddy Delta is over salted and often flooded over wide areas.

The current distribution of gardening tools is one component of our extensive project in the region, what targets the security of supply as well as the disaster preparedness. The situation of the residents in the Irrawaddy Delta is even 8 years after hurricane Nargis still precarious. The majority of the families lead a hand-to-mouth existence, the earnings of fishing, shrimp and rice farming are barely sufficient. Furthermore they are threatened by the high risk of steady moderate or heavy natural disasters.

You can find the overview of all our project activities on the project site.

To provide sustainable help to the people in the Irrawaddy Delta we depend on donations.