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Mass famine in East Africa

24. February 2017 -
More than 15 million people suffer from the effects of the ongoing drought in the Horn of Africa. Solely in Somalia 6.2 million people rely urgently on humanitarian aid.

Since 2015 arche noVa has been providing water for internally displaced persons in Somalia. Living in a region tormented by violence and war for years, the people suffer under precarious conditions. In the border land to Ethiopia and Kenia abundant informal Camps emerged. Due to the famine the number of camp residents doubled during the last few weeks. The severest drought in decades also hit Somalia and forced many people to flee. Our local partner organization ASEP swiftly initiated first aid measures. Drinking water supply is currently the most important issue. Only if the people have proper access to clean water they can ingest the available nutrition. Hence we intensify our focus on securing the drinking water supply in the short term. The distribution of additional food is prepared by our partner organization as well.

To help the people in Somalia through this crisis we rely on your support.

Donate for water and food in East Africa.

You can find more information about our projects in Somalia here.