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Further sand dams ensure water supply in Kenya

1. December 2016 -
Aridity and droughts make the living conditions for the people in the districts Makueni and Machakos in central Kenya very arduously, they suffer especially from the consequences of climate change. The two rainy seasons of the year occur more and more irregularly. Through the construction of sand dams and the cultivation of drought tolerant plants the precarious living conditions of the peasant families in the project area improve.

The situation of the widows of the self-help group Mbukilye Ngukilye has already changed for the better: Shortly before the end of the dry season this autumn a second sand dam was completed. Although it took a while to rain, the new dam is now filled with water. The dams not only supply the village year round with water, but also enable the villagers to cultivate vegetables and crop plants. Crop yields, which are not required for personal need, can be sold on the market and create a new source of income. The widows’ long-term objective is to open their own retail store in the nearby town.

The self-help group Kee, which is supported by arche noVa for several years, already produces enough beans, millet and corn to sell them on the market. However the group has a little lack of business skills. Therefore the participants take place in special courses and acquire knowledge in accounting and administration, to increase the sales of their products and to gain new trade relations.

In cooperation with our local partner organization ASDF and the self-help groups we will build further 15 sand dams within the next three years, which ensure the water supply even during the dry season for 4.800 people.

Furthermore tree nurseries will be established in all project villages. The reforestation program is an important measure against the impacts of climate change and the increasing desertification of the region.

You can find further information on our project page.