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Education project in Gao opens up professional opportunities

6. June 2017 -
In spring 2016, we started our project to improve the income situation of the local population through education in the Malian region of Gao. About a year later, most of the trainings and further education courses organized by arche noVa and our partner organization NorDev are successfully completed.

Recently, 25 young breeders successfully completed their training in veterinary medicine. At a festive ceremony, the trainees received confirmations of attendance as well as veterinary medical kits. Well skilled and equipped, they will be able to ensure that less animals die due to treatable illnesses. In addition, they are going to share their acquired knowledge and offer their veterinary services to other livestock farmers in the area.

Their success is an example for all trainings and further education programs in our project. Whether carpenter, farmer, plumber or baker: the courses of arche noVa do not only improve the future prospects of individuals, but also those of the entire district. The trained people function as multipliers; they pass on their knowledge, which is an important contribution to the development of the area.

This applies in particular for the harmonized trainings in Mali and the neighboring country of Niger. arche noVa and NorDev ensured that the certificates of the vocational  trainings are now accepted on each side of the border.

In Mali, which is one of the poorest countries in the world that has been suffering from military conflicts for years, our project contributes to increase the resilience of the local population. In doing so, we rather invest in minds and knowledge than in material goods. Because in an unstable area, these investments are less likely to get lost.

For further information about our project in Mali, click here.