Clean drinking water for 1.300 earthquake affected persons

06.05.2016 - 09:15 -
The arche noVa emergency relief team installed two drinking water treatment plants in the earthquake area in Ecuador. Thus the 1.300 people in El Matal and Don Juan, living in emergency shelters, now have access to secure and stable water supply and are no longer reliant on military aid transports.

As WASH-experts in humanitarian aid, we take care of the water supply, the toilets and washing facilities at seven different locations. Our project communities are located in the coastal area of Jama, which was affected very badly by the earthquake end of April. A lot of the affected families are living there in provisionally built emergency shelters. They preserve under tarpaulins, as after weeks of dreadful heat, it has started to rain heavily. The fear of epidemics rises. To counteract those danger, arche noVa constructs sanitary infrastructure. After an intensive demand analysis, our team provided the emergency shelters in Rambuche and Puente Tabuga with toilets and showers. To improve the hygiene conditions hand basins will be installed in Bellavista, El Matal, Don Juan, Miguelillo, Rambuche and Puente Tabuga.

Due to the small size, the Ecuadorian government does not recognize emergency shelters, like Rambuche, as official camps and does not provide the most necessary goods.

arche noVa fills those gap.   

arche noVa plans further activities in the field of water, sanitary and hygiene in rural, difficult to access communities, where – unlike the big coastal cities – little or no help has arrived yet.

Thanks to donations and German Humanitarian Assistance, we have 80.000 Euro available as emergency aid for Ecuador. To help more people we are heavily reliant on additional donations.

The United Nations started a worldwide appeal to support the victims of the earthquake in Ecuador. 350.000 affected persons require humanitarian aid. According to estimates of the UN-experts this is the worst natural disaster in Latin America since th3 2010 earthquake in Haiti.